With violence against Law Enforcement on the rise, paired with the relentless effects of COVID over 230 Law Enforcement Officers have fallen in 2022.

As our mission states, the Honor Hike Foundation is here to build awareness to the issues our Officers face while serving. Due to the escalated Line-of-Duty Deaths, we've been left with no choice but to turn to the Law Enforcement and Military communities to help us achieve our awareness mission. This year we are asking for volunteers to come join us on our next section of the Appalachian Trail, in a team format, to hike one mile for each fallen Law Enforcement Officer from 2022. This collective mileage hike will account for over 230 miles.

Starting near Watauga Lake, TN on May 5th, 2023, a hand selected team of volunteers will be assigned miles that represent their portion of Fallen Officers from 2022. The team will then start their journey north carrying the Honor Tags that bear the names of each fallen officer, end-of-watch date, and agency. During this hike, the Honor Hike Team will endure some of the most challenging terrain that NC and TN have to offer, but this will be nothing compared to what the families, partners, and agencies endured during their loss.

This year we are needing your help to pull off this awareness and support mission. Below are some options for you to join us on-trail and/or assist us on our mission.

Links to Support:

Apply to be on the 2023 On-Trail Honor Hike Team -We are looking for volunteers to join the Honor Hike Team on the trail from May 5th - 7th, 2023. This is the application to get you on the team to hike the big miles for the 230+ fallen Law Enforcement Officers from 2022.

Sponsor the 2023 Honor Hike - This is your opportunity to help us complete our awareness mission by supporting the individual sections of this year's hike and assist with some of the items that are required. 

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities - This is your chance to get your business involved with the Honor Hike Foundation. Your donation will go towards our awareness and assistance missions. As an official sponsor of the Honor Hike Foundation, we will place you on our Sponsors Wall and promote your business across our network and on the trail.

Donate - Any support will help our missions.