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2023 On-Trail Honor Hike

Apply Today - We are taking applications for volunteers from the law enforcement and military communities to join the Honor Hike Foundation on the trail to honor the 230+ fallen men and women of Law Enforcement from 2022. This is your opportunity to join the Honor Hike Foundation for their 5th annual Honor Hike. On May 4th, 2023 we'll be meeting in Johnson City, TN to rally the team and conduct a quick brief. On May 5th, 2023 we take to the trail, with each member of the team responsible for part of the mileage that represents fallen officers from 2022. Team Selection - This hike is not for the faint-of-heart. On this hike you'll be covering close to 50 miles of mountainous terrain in various, and at times extreme, weather. You'll be sleeping on the trail and subject to the conditions the wild mountains of NC, TN, and VA give you. The Honor Hike Foundation will be screening volunteers for the suitability for this hike. If you apply, please be responsive to our request. When you are selected, we will notify you of the official itinerary and help you prepare for the 2023 Honor Hike. All volunteers will be responsible for travelling to the event area. Once you're in the area, the Honor Hike Foundation will provide transportation to and from the Tri-Cities Airport in Blountville, TN. As the event nears, we will cover all aspects of the itinerary for the selected volunteers.

  • Date: 5/4/2023 06:00 AM - 5/7/2023 06:00 PM
  • Location To Be Announced

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