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Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness Hike

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The Honor Hike Foundation, in collaboration with the NC Chapter of the Smoking Shields, will be conducting their second annual Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness Hike named "Survive the 55".  With Law Enforcement Suicide rates surpassing Line-of-Duty Deaths in 2019, The Honor Hike Foundation seeks to build awareness to the psychological toll that Law Enforcement Officers endure. This September 9th - 11th members of both organizations will hike 55 miles down the beachfront of Topsail Island, NC to generate awareness and spread a message of hope.

Why 55 Miles and a Beach?
The primary mission is to build awareness and spread a message of hope to all Law Enforcement Officers. The 55 miles represents the average number of hours that elapsed between Law Enforcement Officers suicides. The selection of the beachfront of Topsail Island, NC acts as a metaphor. The beachfront appears relaxing and peaceful, a place that many go for vacation, but it's constantly changing conditions, high temperatures, high winds and grueling sand will create the metaphor of the struggle some Law Enforcement Officers face.

How You Can Help
This year we’ll be taking per-mile donations in an effort to provide support to organizations that help Officers that are in crisis. Please consider donating $1 per mile to the Honor Hike Foundation so we can continue to build awareness, support organizations, and spread a message of hope.

$1.00 per- mile = $55.00 donation
$2.00 per-mile = $110.00 donation
$5.00 per-mile = $275.00 donation

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Please check out these organizations that are currently working to assist Law Enforcement Officers in their search for healing of the emotional wounds that were from their service to this great Nation. Consider making a donation directly to them on behalf of the "Survive the 55 by the Honor Hike Foundation".

Blue H.E.L.P. - Honoring the Service of Law Enforcement Officers Who Died by Suicide